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Anonymous 2013
  1. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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  6.                  CLASS WAR = CYBER WAR = INFORMATION WAR
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  10. Anonymous Message: #Anonymous_2013
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  14. Hello Citizens of the world; we are Anonymous.  
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  16. Dear brothers and sisters, 2012 has been a great year of revelations.
  17. #
  18. We have exposed many lies and successfully raised awareness of citizens of earth
  19. on a global scale.  We have revealed to citizens the level of corruption on our
  20. beautiful planet. We have shown the population the private agenda of profit. We
  21. have learned about true evil as governments, corporations, bankers, law
  22. enforcement operate without ethics. We identified the outright disregard for
  23. civil liberties, human rights and constitutional freedoms being blatantly
  24. imposed by the 1%. We have identified propaganda and lies in the media.
  26. #
  27. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 2013 will be another epic year !!! Erika!!!
  28. #
  29. !!! Anonymous 2013 - TAKE BACK THE PLANET ACTION PLAN - STAGE II - Anonymous 2013 !!!
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  35. ::Anonymous Central Command Assessment::
  36. First adversary mistake was defining civilization on terms of profit...
  37. ...profit is now a strategic weak point that can be exploited...
  38. Second adversary mistake is attempts to censor and surveil our internets...
  39. ...encryption and cryptography can now be used to free the planet...
  40. Third adversary mistake was government excluding the 99% over the 1%...
  41. ...the elite are out-numbered and consumers have all the power...
  42. Fourth adversary mistake was the complete lack of ethics...
  43. ...the lack of ethics in a corp or gov will now determine it's future...
  44. Fifth adversary mistake was your unwarranted violence at occupy...
  45. everyone knows your intention to discard law and create a police state...
  46. Sixth adversary mistake was the lies the media told about occupy...
  47. we know the media is a tool of propaganda, miss-information and psyops...
  48. Seventh adversary mistake was the exclusion of the masses...
  49. ...the genius, creativity and passion of the 99% well exceeds the 1%...
  50. Eighth adversary mistake was not expecting us...
  51. ...expect us...
  52. ::Anonymous Central Command Assessment::
  53. #
  55. #
  56. We knew profit would want to take the internets...
  57. We knew this day was coming since the first transmission at DARPA...
  58. We knew... and we were ready...
  59. We are encryption.
  60. We are TYLER.
  61. We are the Voice of the Global People.
  62. We are the International Alliance of Freedom Fighting Hackers.
  63. #
  64. We are Anonymous.
  65. We are Legion.
  66. We do not forgive.
  67. We do not forget.
  68. Expect us.
  69. #
  71. #
  72. Listen while reading-> World War 3.0: Chaos, Control & The Battle For The Net
  74. #
  76. #
  77. The last decade on Earth's internets have taught us well. Since the text only
  78. based internet of BBS's and the original ARPANET cypherpunks watched it grow.
  79. The budding network mirrored the brain of the civilization. It allowed us to
  80. discover who we really were as a race of beings - both good and bad - by
  81. observing our reflection. We trolled all of the government, military and
  82. education domains extensively. Lay-ed witness to the lies and secrecy within as
  83. Gary McKinnon depicts. Free energy technology deliberately denied to the common
  84. man and lies about extra-terrestrial visitations.
  85. #
  87. #
  88. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,
  89. then you win.”
  90. Mahatma Gandhi
  91. #
  93. #
  94. The internet revealed to us the massive level of corruption within our ranks in
  95. the form of private deals between government and corporations, pay-offs,
  96. bail-outs, tax credits, subsidies non-profits and numerous other perks the few
  97. 1% select access and how impartial the 99% are deemed. That our own governments
  98. sold us out through privatization of state owned resources and now the great
  99. betrayal is planned to privatize services and enslave the masses employing
  100. themselves as a global occupying militia enforcing the new world order.
  101. #
  103. #
  104. I am the fellow citizen of every being that thinks; my country is Truth.  
  105. ~Alphonse de Lamartine, "Marseillaise of Peace," 1841
  106. #
  108. #
  109. We had to shine the light on the truth, reveal the lies and corruption to the
  110. people, it was a very daunting task to procure. Then Wikileaks and Julian
  111. Assange - Hero of the Information Age - exposed just how deep the system is
  112. corrupt by creating this magnificent whistle blower venue. Showed us that our
  113. governments have betrayed our trust in support of the greed of the few. Informed
  114. us that the media is an instrument of their lies. That openness and transparency is
  115. not only a constitutional right but that the lack of access to critical
  116. information is the demise of a truly democratic and just society and a crime
  117. against humanity.
  118. #
  120. #
  121. « The proles, if only they could somehow become Conscious of their own strength, would
  122. have no need to conspire. They needed only to RISE UP and shake themselves like a horse
  123. shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning.
  124. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to DO IT? »
  126. « Until they become Conscious they will neVer rebel,
  128. and until after they have rebelled they cannot become Conscious. »
  130. 1984. George Orwell.
  131. #
  133. #
  134. Atlas what we witnessed was the elevation of greed and profit interests spawned
  135. by the UN, bankers, wall-street, government and corporations - an exclusionary
  136. secular society emerged based on these very lies. It is clear that the governments
  137. have established not a representative democracy but an out-and-out plutocracy with
  138. all the power held by one faction. The fate of the planet is now in our hands -
  139. citizens. For offered into our hands a choice: high-tech emancipation or
  140. high-tech enslavement. Open your eyes to the desperation of evil men intent on
  141. global censorship and un-warranted surveillance of our internets in a last ditch
  142. attempt to silence us and create their evil future. The internet is not for sale!
  143. The 3rd World War is here! It is the war for the control of the internet! An
  144. attempt to control what information you are allowed to have access to by the
  145. rich! An act of war! An act of the elite to silence and control you personally!
  146. All of our freedoms of speech, our constitutions, everything is at stake!
  147. The abuse of power and treasonous acts against that which we hold dear the
  148. founding laws that is the very bases of our system, our constitutions our
  149. civilized existence - the Magnacarta - is the death throws of profit. We are at
  150. war. The greed of the few wish to destroy our right to access to information to
  151. the detriment of the many. Without truth humanity is bitterly lost.
  152. #
  154. #
  155. It is error alone which needs the support of government.  Truth can stand by
  156. itself.  ~Thomas Jefferson
  157. #
  159. #
  160. And we know about the new private satellite network being built exclusively for
  161. government, military and corporations. To create an exclusive secret internet
  162. for the rich. Where they can go and hide and fortify their corruption forces. We
  163. also know that the plan to not only censor and surveil our internets but also
  164. the plan to deny access to technology to citizens based on your corrupt
  165. determination of "good" or "bad" citizen behavior as determined by a corrupt
  166. corporation. And we observed the brutal violence against the "Occupy Movement"
  167. and the complete disregard for common law and the Universal Declaration of
  168. Human Rights the democratic right to protest and every other legal protection
  169. that was promised to us and in your trust preventing such abuse. Instead we
  170. were met with the new Nazi regime and witnessed your savage violent behavior.
  171. #
  173. #
  174. We do not err because truth is difficult to see.  It is visible at a glance.  
  175. We err because this is more comfortable.  ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  176. #
  178. #
  179. Only a true Democracy is one which ALL have a voice. The internets give us this
  180. voice. For the first time in history - we the people - have a voice. Open
  181. government is a reality. On-line voting is realized through cryptography. It is
  182. time to take up Cryptographic Arms!!! Free the planet from profit!
  183. Fight back! Fight back! Fight back!
  185. The only true Democracy is one which ALL HAVE A VOICE!!!
  186. #
  188. #
  189. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the
  190. same hands … is the definition of tyranny,” James Madison.
  191. #
  193. #
  194. What we have achieved through the ethos of a profit based civilization is the
  195. unleashing of an elite quasi clandestine global criminal organization
  196. encompassing every walk of life and which has become a threat to the very essence
  197. of humanity - our constitutions, human rights, civil liberties and all which we
  198. hold dear on that enlightened day of the signatory of the GENEVA CONVENTION - a
  199. document who's sole special purpose was to ensure never again would the world
  200. endure the tyranny of Nazi like powers. This is the 3rd World War occurring as
  201. we speak and very few people are even aware of it! The world web war! The Geneva
  202. Convention set out to ensure never again would we consider the degradation and
  203. evil that occurred against a class of citizens like what beset the Jews. And only
  204. 60 short years latter we have the identical events repeated almost with textbook
  205. precision to Hitler's tactics as the hidden agenda of the 21st century corrupt
  206. and abusive in the form of an international criminal organized faction who's
  207. special purpose is to dismantle legal protections and poison society ultimately
  208. to ensue global control of information, natural resources, citizens, economics,
  209. governments and wealth. A war on class! Key individuals in positions of power
  210. who possessed low moral character were bought off to sympathize with their cause.
  211. This international criminal organization is active even at the very top levels
  212. of the United Nations, military intelligence, government bodies, justice systems
  213. and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Infecting and spreading the disease of
  214. greed through coercion, bribery, threats, pay-offs, private deals, illegal
  215. practices, lies, deception, propaganda, dissemination, infiltration and
  216. diversions. Or worse - entrapment, set-ups, cover-ups, extortion, theft, murder,
  217. treason and violent terrorist acts. A major player in this international
  218. criminal organization (Nazi's) being the international banking cartel who have
  219. through the application of threats or bribery to governments such as the threat
  220. to sequester bank loans to harm millions of innocent citizens if the government
  221. refuses to privatize services - control government - of whom in a number of
  222. countries were actually arrested and jailed for fraud and conspiracy. Their
  223. international ponzie banking scheme has devastated entire countries and has
  224. created bankruptcy, austerity and extraordinary hardships.
  225. #
  227. #
  228. "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes
  229. freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart
  230. information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."    
  231. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.
  232. #
  234. #
  235. The tactics involved the deregulation of the financial industry then deliberate
  236. sabotage of government managed systems by creating massive debt. This debt was
  237. created by the abuse of public funds over a long period in which governments
  238. were infiltrated by megalomaniacs posing as real citizens in key positions of
  239. power which then apply a private agenda enforcing governments to increase debt
  240. loads to the banking cartel. After which state held companies and resources were
  241. illegally privatized without citizen consent and in most cases without citizen
  242. knowledge of private sales of public property and state owned corporations in an
  243. attempt to mitigate this debt. The idea of public private partnerships were
  244. pushed by lobbyists with the argument that the private sector could more
  245. efficiently manage government business. Privatization gave rise to unemployment
  246. as more and more jobs were divide out to members and their families and foreign
  247. recruits were immigrated to fill the ranks. Deliberate cuts are made to
  248. remaining government services like education, health-care with the fabricated
  249. claims of debt reduction and labor unions were regulated. These services are
  250. then farmed out to privatization as well. Predatory loans are given out to
  251. citizens with bankers full knowledge they will default but are given an AAA
  252. rating fraudulently. These colladeralized debt obligations are sold
  253. internationally to unsuspecting investors. The banking cartel then manipulates
  254. the interest rates by restricting the cash base. And pour money into
  255. technologies supporting the military industrial complex through the stock market
  256. pulling money out of failing investments. Then deals are made to reduce debt in
  257. exchange for actual hard assets like land and raw resources without public
  258. consent. Then they claim bankruptcy and often obtain massive government payments.
  259. In the end they come out smelling like a rose with the acquisition of huge lands
  260. and raw resources, without paying a cent for it and have no debt at all because
  261. the government gave them tax payers money to pay their bad debts plus no
  262. criminal charges at all. The governing bodies became nothing more than a branch
  263. of the criminal organization but continued to project the appearance of a
  264. legitimate democratic government through propaganda spread within the media when
  265. in fact the entire country was bought and sold thus taken from the citizens.
  266. Secret meetings were held in undisclosed locations throughout the Earth where
  267. the secret negotiations were made and international decisions like the WTF G7.
  268. These meetings determined critical legislation pertaining to world trade and
  269. other matters of global importance and only the elite were invited. Free Trade
  270. being fair trade for the wealthy and devastating tariff to the rest. Not even a
  271. camera allowed into one of these secret high profile meetings where policy was
  272. decided without public knowledge nor participation. Often the oppression caused
  273. by the bleeding dry of the citizens creates opposition as citizens unit against
  274. the multinational policy military is employed to eradicate the poor - if aid is
  275. required the UN and member countries join in the slaughter. The media of which was
  276. also infiltrated by the same criminal organization and use miss-information and
  277. diversions to conceal private agendas. If you are a journalist interested in
  278. investigative reporting and print something damaging or too truth revealing to
  279. the outside world you are accidentally shot. The level of miss-information and lies
  280. is so extreme that some hackers in the know claim an alien craft was reverse
  281. engineered and that technology was shared with corporations meanwhile the public
  282. was told extraterrestrials do not exist. This too is the use of Tesla technology
  283. by military to induce earth quakes & storms. They promote the privatization of
  284. knowledge and the arts without consent of authors and artists - use copyright
  285. laws to promote the censorship of intellectual and scientific academia and
  286. artistic works from the average public - by acting as profiteering middlemen -
  287. making it only accessible to the wealthy. The international criminal
  288. organization is so insidious as to inject poison into food in an attempt to make
  289. people sick and degrade their relative intelligence level so you are less of a
  290. threat to the regime but have food and drug administrations by government tell
  291. the public that these substances will not hurt you. Protesters are showered in
  292. radiation to make those who object to the private agenda suffer numerous health
  293. problems, liver cancer and possibly death. Other forms of electronic harassment
  294. are used periodically on specific persons who pose a definite threat and can
  295. even be implemented via satellite. Many do not even know that the Arab Spring is
  296. about class war. The rich in many countries are actively murdering civilians
  297. in mass genocide of all who oppose the 1%. Facebooks, twitter, other social
  298. media and the infamous Blue Coat SG-9000 internet filtering proxies are being used
  299. as intelligence gathering devices to root out activists. Cellular is being used
  300. as a tracking device and conversations are monitored. Anonymous members who
  301. are not adept at security have been witch hunted by the regime and tagged as
  302. terrorists. The media spreads propaganda to confuse the unknowing public.
  303. Hackers have seen indication that even the 911 event was an inside job with
  304. the intent to fabricate a war and produce restrictive laws. They are extremely
  305. dangerous people and often stage acts of terror to produce results like framing
  306. James Holmes for murder to silence his father Robert Holmes who was to testify
  307. before a US Senate panel about the recent bank fraud implicating members of
  308. Congress, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, EU executives, US Presidential
  309. candidates and the British Royal family. This and other staged terrorist murders
  310. and suicides are used to silence individuals, manipulate the public and support
  311. laws like the move to disarm citizens. The motivation to censor and surveil the
  312. internet is not surprisingly dissimilar to the classic Nazi Germany book
  313. burning. The proposals put forward at the [WCIT-12] would fundamentally alter the
  314. governance and operation of the Internet and would attempt to justify increased
  315. government control over the Internet. Cameras are being placed everywhere they are
  316. even placing cameras and microphones in cable tv boxes. The military can even
  317. connect to a laptop via satellite to inject spyware. The endgame is to control
  318. absolutely the flow of information and ultimately enslave citizens in corporate
  319. owned work factories as well to eliminate a mass majority of the population via
  320. occupying military forces. War has been privatized and interrogations are now
  321. conducted by private non-military contractors of whom are not bound to the war
  322. crimes act. Private companies such as Halliburton, Black Water, KBR, CACI, TITAN
  323. and others profit from unrest. They hope to manufacture mobs of angry citizens, mass
  324. hysteria due to disparity and austerity creating violence in the streets so that
  325. they can then arrest, detain and call in military force to eradicate the masses
  326. as per the leaked document EUISS. As the war machine has been privatized itself
  327. via private contractors the profiteers require enemies to turn a profit and
  328. now civilians have become the enemy. Violence is what they require to obtain the
  329. ultimate corporate owned police state.
  330. #
  332. #
  333. Murder Premeditated Definition:
  334. "Unlawful killing of another human being with premeditated intent or malice
  335. aforethought. First degree murder is unlawful killing that is deliberate and
  336. premeditated."
  337. Bouvier's Legal Dictionary, a work published in the 1850's.
  338. #
  340. #
  341. EUISS - Globalizers intention to use high intensity combat on Localizers.
  342. The document covers long term EU security strategy, including the problems of
  343. "hierarchical class society", with the "elite" of the world on one side,
  344. and the so-called "bottom billion" on the other. To avoid "global systemic
  345. collapse", the document suggests that the "full spectrum of high intensity
  346. combat" to be used to protect what is called "globalisers" from "localisers".
  347. Localisers, making up 80% of the world population, include the "bottom
  348. billion", states in the Middle East and the so-called "Alienated Modern
  349. States" like North Korea. Globalisers, notably, include not only members
  350. of the OECD and "Rapid Transition Societies" like China and Brasil, but also
  351. "Transnational Corporations"—the "Fortune Global 1000".
  352. In that context the paper elaborates on "barrier operations shielding the
  353. global rich from the tensions and problems of the poor". It reads that "as
  354. the ratio of the world population living in misery and frustration will
  355. remain massive, the tensions and spillover between their world and that of
  356. the rich will continue to grow. As we are unlikely to have solved this
  357. problem at its root by 2020 - i.e. by curing dysfunctional societies we will
  358. need to strengthen our barriers. It is a morally distasteful, losing strategy,
  359. but will be unavoidable if we cannot solve the problems at their root."
  360. #
  362. #
  363. "... war and peace are business and nothing but business."
  364. Karl Linbknecht
  365. Famous German
  366. 1871 - 1919
  367. #
  369. #
  370. The United Nations Country Club is comprised of the members government official
  371. delegates representing the 1% profit populace. It is clear that you are not in
  372. any way in consideration of localizers. Any member country who does not denounce
  373. membership to an organization with a standing record of doing nothing as
  374. governments conduct genocide on their own people or stop illegal acts of war for
  375. oil resources irrevocably supports globalist rich albeit even finances this
  376. effort through money lending in-denting aiding and abetting theft of first rights
  377. land and resource ownership of member countries devastating citizens. Debt and
  378. profit motivates the UN not ethics. And the propaganda which the UN produces
  379. purporting equality, human rights, anti-poverty, etas written in the miles of
  380. documents produced has resulted in nothing other than a toxic smoke screen of
  381. sad lies as the world stands by waiting for a glimpse of intelligence to
  382. enlighten. Instead impunity is the unwritten way as of the international
  383. criminal organization of globalists built on a satanic nazi private club morally
  384. insulting all with the UN as their tea party ring-leader. Take notice UN we of
  385. the world hold you guilty for your disparity and failure to acknowledge the 99%
  386. instead protecting the profit of the 1% United Nations of Corruption.
  387. #
  389. #
  390. pri·va·tion [prahy-vey-shuh n]
  391. noun
  392. 1.
  393. lack of the usual comforts or necessaries of life: His life of privation began
  394. to affect his health.
  395. 2.
  396. an instance of this.
  397. 3.
  398. the act of depriving.
  399. 4.
  400. the state of being deprived.
  401. Origin:
  402. 1350–1400; Middle English  (< Middle French privacion ) < Latin prīvātiōn-  
  403. (stem of prīvātiō ) a taking away. See private, -ion  
  404. #
  406. #
  407. What has become estimate is that petitions, protests and public opinion is not
  408. of interest to elected officials. Nor is it an effective medium in which to
  409. establish a line of communication with government as to the interests and
  410. priorities of 99% of the people. Our trust has been betrayed by criminals. In
  411. fact, petitions and protests are used as a tool for creating lists of names so
  412. that the international criminal organization knows who is opposing the
  413. wall street 1% new world order plan and they use this information to target the
  414. individuals by a variety of means. Such political persecution as cop beatings,
  415. refusing services, audits, blacklisting for jobs, sabotage and constant
  416. miscellaneous harassment. Shockingly, they have been known to make certain
  417. individuals disappear or be framed for crimes they did not commit and then
  418. jailed. Anyone interested in untangling the web of deception is conveniently
  419. dubbed a terrorist. What is however recognized in office is private member bills
  420. funded by the cartel who use money to buy their legislation through bribes,
  421. favors or extreme lobbying strategies where basically rich corporations have
  422. purchased government. It has become obvious to the common citizen that
  423. government is not democratic and the token vote is an absurd parity that has
  424. grossly failed humanity as the masses have no representation at all. In its
  425. place instead is a forum for the wealthy to promote their private agenda even
  426. though the majority of people have distinctly separate priorities other than
  427. em massing wealth above all else ethical. The only voice that government hears is
  428. the voice of profit. Democracy has failed us. Enshrined instead is a private
  429. capitalist club - a disgusting showcase of carnal greed - a sink hole of homo
  430. sapian ignorance. Where our very existence in the universe is defined as profit.
  431. An insult to intelligent life universal. All has been bought and sold by the
  432. international criminal organization drunk with the lust of wealth void of morals
  433. and the exploitation and lack of ethics at all costs greed has become high-tech,
  434. destroying our environments, wild life species and humanity making a travesty of
  435. the Geneva Convention, our legal systems and the basis of civilization. It is
  436. too late to expect that the government will do what is constitutional and
  437. reverse illegal privatization deals or create an isolated currency as many
  438. countries have done or to jail the banksters for conspiracy and fraud like many
  439. countries have or to uphold charges of ethical responsibility for environmental
  440. abuse and human rights violations. Given, these criminals must be stopped by
  441. whatever means possible - it is now up to us alone.
  442. #
  444. #
  445. "Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right  
  446. of the People to alter or abolish it, and  to institute a new Government, laying
  447. its  Foundation on such Principles, and  organizing its Powers in such Form, as to  
  448. them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."
  449. United States Declaration of Independence. July 4, 1776.
  450. #
  452. #
  453. Obvious solution is to seek justice outside of this corrupt organization. When
  454. our own governments sell us out, our own systems turn against us, we have become
  455. their enemy and they ours. Our leaders have lead us into darkness. There is no
  456. recourse as our systems do not protect save but the rich aristocracy. There is
  457. a ominous adversary that has invaded us, shrouded in secrecy. An evil that can
  458. only be destroyed by a return to what is ethical. To choose who to serve is a
  459. freedom prima facie that no force no proffer can take away. To choose on a daily
  460. basis by the hour by the moment even now what you support is in reality an
  461. inequivalent universal right. No one can take this. Choose to subvert this
  462. insidious enemy and take control of what is inherently ours. This is our planet
  463. our trees our lakes our plants and animals our air our friends and family our
  464. houses and roads our books and buildings our hospitals and schools our courts
  465. and police our stores and malls our furniture and electronics our dogs and cats
  466. our planes and trains our restaurants and bowling alleys our doctors and
  467. teachers our music and movies our computers and cameras our guitars and drums
  468. our science our technology and internets our food our coffee our everything.
  469. Citizens of the World! Brothers! Sisters! Take it back! Take back the illusion
  470. of control the 1% have fraudulently made over you! Banish their commerce!
  471. Boycott their stuff! Promote your own! Protect your own! Vote for our own!
  472. Take back your voice and cut off their wealth! Take back the planet!!! The
  473. only way out of this mass of corruption is to disable it internally!
  474. #
  476. #
  477. "When the People fear their Government, there is tyranny; When the Government
  478. fears the People, there is liberty."
  479. Thomas Jefferson
  480. #
  482. #
  483. Currently the corporations and governments are building a new internet that will
  484. be used for only them and their accomplices. It is a direct satellite network using
  485. the same technology as military satellite communications. This will be connected
  486. to the network of cameras worldwide. After completion of this internet it will
  487. be of no consequence for them to unplug our internets as they would not suffer
  488. any inconvenience themselves. This network is secret and will employ encryption
  489. similar to the siprnet. All of their communication will be supported by this
  490. network including cellular. The Nazi's have no intention to share it with the
  491. public nor inform them of it. On their network there will be no censorship or
  492. surveillance whatsoever. Anonymous will own this new network also. We are here to
  493. free the planet from the treasonous, traitors, tyrants and real terrorists. As
  494. we have already owned all existing networks and trolled everything thoroughly
  495. since the beginning. We know what your private agenda is. Just like the recent
  496. loss of Aaron Swartz - they plan to keep certain valuable data - the world's
  497. entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and
  498. journals is being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations
  499. to the benefit of only the elite. And the United Nations term for 'bridging the
  500. digital divide' actually translates to 'sell the internet to the rich' as the
  501. recent move of the ITU wants to give governments full control of the internet.
  502. Then, of course, do to the internet whatever the rich lobbyist wish list is. Say
  503. goodbye to any access to information. Your malfeasance is dated. We are committed to
  504. continue to disrupt at the highest levels to expose this Nazi agenda. You should
  505. have expected us but in your outrecuidance and disparagement you failed. People of
  506. the World the time is now to take action!
  507. #
  509. #
  510. Ray McGovern on the Corruption of U.S Intelligence

  511. Ray McGovern - CIA analyst for 27 years
  512. #
  514. #
  515. It is important to note that this Nazi threat is a real, seriously dangerous
  516. international criminal organization that has murdered millions of people
  517. worldwide to date through illegal wars, staged terrorist acts and missing
  518. persons, etc. The criminals are without reprieve since they have bought off or
  519. otherwise control by threats of personal safety key political leaders and
  520. government employees, military charges, intelligence personnel, law-enforcement
  521. and justice courts and are backed by the UN. They posses weapons of mass corruption.
  522. Achtung! Your safety is at risk! When you submit data to the internet egregor you
  523. must use SECURITY! Use a MINIMUM security level of at least the Live Distro called
  524. TAILS (see below) from a REMOTE LOCATION such as a coffee shop outside of camera
  525. view! Preferably use even better security. More extreme security methods "THE ANON
  526. STEALTH HACKER - WORLD WEB WAR - Anti Nazi Corruption Cyber Army Manual" - a
  527. forthcoming manual in an alternate posting will be made later...
  528. If you do not take notice of this warning and fail to conduct yourself
  529. appropriately you are an easy target. The greatest advantage an Anonymous soldier
  530. has over the enemy is anonymity.
  532. This is a non-violent rEvolution.
  534. Welcome to the Third World War.
  536. Action item list how to take back the world or at least single handedly
  537. disseminate corrupt control structures by following and promoting the 2013
  538. Directives below.
  540. 2013 is the year to take back the planet!!!
  541. 2013 is the end of corruption, collusion and greed!!!
  542. 2013 is about replacing Profit with Ethics!!!
  543. #
  545. #
  546. "Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a
  547. last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights
  548. should be protected by the rule of law,"
  549. (Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
  551. #
  553. #
  557. #
  559. #
  560. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  561.           2   0   1   3       D  I  R  E  C  T  I  V  E  S
  562. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  564. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  565. 1. On-line Voting and Transparency
  566. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  567. Preparation of a Private Members Bill to enact a secure on-line voting system
  568. which is then used for ALL citizens of EVERY constituency to vote on each and
  569. every Bill passing through a legislature. This requires the setup of a highly
  570. secure access point, cryptographic signatures, an exclusive VPN and possibly a
  571. dedicated television channel. The main designation of elected officials is then
  572. to ensure all citizens have access to that network and keep track that ALL have
  573. voted. If in doubt of the details of a bill the official website will have the
  574. pros and cons as well as all other user submitted information required to make a
  575. decision - as a process of full disclosure. But atlas we all know that the
  576. corruption of the international criminal organization (NAZI's) are not
  577. interested in promoting true democracy and transparency. In fact, you are a
  578. dreamer if you think the government will ever do the right thing - force corps
  579. to pay their taxes, stop giving corps huge welfare check's (subsidies), no free
  580. perks like free land, force corps to pay fair wages internationally instead of
  581. slavery, stop trashing the environments, pay the total clean up costs to clean
  582. up the environment and lastly, give citizens equal representation instead of
  583. the exclusive $. Earlier versions of electronic voting machines were delibrately
  584. flawed to manipulate public into not supporting them. It is way easier for a
  585. corrupt government to cheat at elections if you cannot prove your vote was
  586. counted. Truth is that unbreakable encryption systems already exist and are in
  587. active use by military. It is a known fact in crytoanalysis the simple truth is
  588. that an algorithm can become compromised the One Time Pad is unbreakable
  589. encryption and is used by military to protect all top-secret information. How
  590. can we be so sure that One Time Pad encryption is unbreakable? Well you see this
  591. form of encryption doesn't use any kind of algorithm. Instead, it uses true
  592. randomness. Meaning it's guaranteed to be unbreakable as every time it's used,
  593. each key sequence is unique. And this is why One Time Pad encryption truly
  594. protects you and your data against all security threats and can easily be
  595. applied to voting systems to make them totally secure now and in the future.
  596. It is totally feasible for a satellite connected secure voting VPN system.
  597. Income tax is now sent via an encrypted online solution as well as banking.
  598. There is no problem for public votes on separate bills except politicians don't
  599. want it because it will make it impossible to seal corrupt deals if all member
  600. constituents had a vote on each bill that passes the government legislatures.
  601. In the absence of a voice administered by the government it is in our best
  602. interest to create our own on-line voting system which will enable citizens to
  603. forcibly mitigate decisions that promote the privileged bourgeoisie mediocrity
  604. interests in profit of the few over ethics desired by the many identifying these
  605. offensive decisions and then perusing the responsible persons and organizations
  606. regardless of indemnity via alternative means of corruption exposure, boycott,
  607. loss of profit, public harassment and other strategies. Only when ALL CITIZENS
  608. HAVE A VOICE will corruption end. Until then we have INSURRECTION.
  610. ACTION: * Prepare a bill and submit it to your local official for the creation
  611. of a secure on-line voting system so that each bill can have a vote.
  612.        * Start a citizen built virtual voting booth for the people in your area
  613. of political section to vote on current bills before your legislature.
  614.        * Help to submit data to the virtual voting booth by locating a URL
  615. where current bills before government is posted in your area and submit this
  616. info to a pastebin with the hashtag #VotingBooth
  617.        * Create a mailing list of constituents in your voting area using voters
  618. lists at public libraries.
  619.        * Whenever there is legislation before the legislature and a vote needs
  620. to be made send a request for a vote via email or listserve to constituents.
  621.        * If you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  622. promote this process - such as a local bill voting website, APP.
  623.        * Research requirements for a functional VotingBooth site and post the requirements
  624. with hashtag #VotingBooth to pastebins.
  625.        * Research Legislative Assembly locations to find information of bills being passed
  626. and website to get this information and post it to pastebins with hashtag #VotingBooth.
  628. Encrypted Voting Systems
  635. Military Grade Encrypted Communications
  642. Government Transparency
  647. Transparency Initiatives
  651. Online Voting
  654. Misc Voting APPS
  659. Bills Before Legislature
  667. Drafting a Private Members Bill
  674. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  675. 2. Gov-Corp Corruption Watch
  676. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  677. Creation of an internet database of corruption, collusion and abuse reports of
  678. government officials and corporate bodies to expose untrustworthy unethical
  679. political figures or corporate members specifically private deals made outside
  680. lawful bounds and money laundering. Whereas private citizens are encouraged to
  681. investigate officials, government bodies, corporate partnerships, law
  682. enforcement, etas independently to expose members of the international criminal
  683. organization personal data and illegal activities. Including high level fraud as
  684. well as lesser players such as government spies paid to gather information on
  685. citizens, abusive government employees guilty of abuse of process or law
  686. enforcement officers who have beaten citizens and any other human rights
  687. violations. This would include such things as mining operations that sprout up
  688. of whom there is incredible public opposition but certain officials guilty of
  689. white collar crime push through indicating corruption or conflict of interest.
  690. All government spending should be public record. It is important to expose their
  691. dealings to gain restitution as the international criminal organization is
  692. widespread and such has infiltrated the very halls of justice and therefore
  693. which offer no further protections to common man. We the people must intervene
  694. and seek justice ourselves. Private espionage operations can be made to be a
  695. creative and enthralling activity. Especially if governments choose to support
  696. un-warranted surveillance and censorship technologies these can then legally be
  697. used to surveil and censor the corrupt to gather evidence of things like
  698. corporate employee abuse like Wallmart, environmental abuse evidence, insider
  699. trading and fraud. Share this information by submitting it to Wikileaks as well
  700. as pastebins with the hashtag #Corruption. Know that these individuals have
  701. bought off police enforcement and judges so that if you are caught there will be
  702. no legal protections. Just as there is an ongoing effort to capture Julian
  703. Assange for what they consider spying when in fact their true motivations is to
  704. prevent investigative journalism and freedom of the press (freedom of speech).
  705. The international criminal organization knows that this is one of their weak
  706. points - that if the public ever did discover how deep the corruption is there
  707. would be massive opposition. When a corrupt deal is discovered involving a
  708. conflict of interest or other white collar crime involving public funds, the
  709. information necessary to organize a boycott is required. Search for company
  710. informations such as owners names, shareholders names, main products and
  711. services as well as what subsidiaries it owns so that it can be boycotted
  712. internationally via hashtag #Boycott. This information is found in the Annual
  713. Report in Part 1 Item 1 of the Form 10-K form. Anyone listed on the Stock Market
  714. must file an Annual Report for investors. Power is relative to secrecy - more
  715. secrecy is more power. Information is power - the lack of information is the
  716. lack of power. World War 3 is happening right here today as the international
  717. criminal organization wants control of the internet. There is a battle under
  718. way for control of the Internet. Some see it as a fight between forces of Order
  719. (who want to superimpose existing, pre-digital power structures and their notions
  720. of privacy, intellectual property, security, and sovereignty onto the Net) and
  721. forces of Disorder (who want to abandon those old structures and let the will
  722. of the crowd control a new global culture). The goal of the international
  723. criminal organization is to control the internet for the benefit of only the
  724. global rich and have all meeting secret same as the trade negotiations were.
  725. Secrets make it easy to not take responsibility for the truth. They are doing
  726. everything imaginable to prevent this exposure even changing laws to take away
  727. your constitutional rights illegally (in secrecy without a vote). Even
  728. conducting black ops kidnappings of citizens habeas corpus issuing extraordinary
  729. rendition orders and transportation to military facilities such as Guantanamo
  730. Bay for interrogation and torture or worse. Bradley Manning will unlikely see the
  731. light of day for attempting to expose the truth. There is a movement of
  732. journalists who have had enough and have formed an organization to oppose the
  733. abolishment of freedom of speech. Recently motorola was subverted by a operative
  734. getting close to an employee in the military section and all data was obtained
  735. covertly. Remember that government has partnered with corporations in critical
  736. areas and this is an extreme weak point. They have infiltrated us so we should
  737. infiltrate them. A svartkast is handy placed inside of a government or added to
  738. a corporate network. Spy vs spy. Warrantless wiretapping is completely legal in
  739. the world now due to profit interests! The level of corruption is so vast that the
  740. international criminal organization is busy creating false flag operations,
  741. psyops (strategies to psychologically intimidate or confuse) and propping up fake
  742. activist organizations like the Nature Conservancy whose purpose is to mislead
  743. the public, gather donations and use as a lobbying tool for the private agenda
  744. of the international criminal organization to acquire lands and resources.
  746. ACTION: * Gather personal informations of illegal offenses and perpetrators and
  747. post this information of corruption crimes committed, the offenders name and home
  748. address as well as any other documentation regarding the offense to pastebins
  749. with the hashtag #Corruption
  750.        * Form independent spy missions on government officials and corporate
  751. members by designing your own covert operations.
  752.        * Create articles, submissions to forums, blogs or any other method to
  753. get the truth out to the public.
  754.        * Send the information to news agencies, realize though only independent
  755. news agencies print the truth, corporate news agencies print only what the
  756. international criminal organization wants the public to know.
  757.        * Support journalist freedom of speech and the promotion of factual
  758. journalism instead of opinionated 'leading the public' journalism.
  759.        * Conduct research on corrupt deals with officials and companies and
  760. post the data to pastebins with the hashtag #Traitor
  761.        * Do whatever is necessary to destroy the lives of members of the
  762. international criminal organizations and their companies, stocks, false flag ops
  763. etas. as well as officials who are involved with the corruption.
  764.        * Do research on false flag operations to reveal their true motivations
  765. and connection to the international criminal organization and post this
  766. information on pastebins with the hashtag #Corruption
  767.        * Volunteer for a corrupt organization and covertly gather evidence of
  768. corruption or abuse and personal information and post it to pastebins with the
  769. hashtag #Traitor or #Corruption
  770.        * Seek employment or if you are an employee of a corrupt or abusive
  771. organization and garnish evidence and personal informations and post it to
  772. pastebins with the hashtag #Traitor or #Corruption
  773.        * If you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  774. promote this process - such as a corruption / evidence database.
  775.        * Employ video cameras, voice recorders, even secret spy machines left
  776. in key locations to obtain evidence - these svartkast units can be a converted
  777. cell phone or a drop-box usb built for the particular situation.
  778.        * Pursue litigation at the Hague against your government for stealing
  779. your country and selling it to corporations via privatizing without consent.
  780.        * Document government abuse by government employees, police and any
  781. other government person who has been abusive or has been involved in a cop
  782. beating a citizen and other abuse of power and post the perpetrator's personal
  783. information and substanciated details to pastebins with hashtag #Traitor
  784.         * Of particular interest is private contractors to military who receive
  785. the highest government aide as subsidies as well are paid the highest for
  786. contracted services paid out via tax payer monies. Sluice out private deals
  787. between officials and these corporations and post evidence of corruption as well
  788. as names and personal informations of those involved in private deals to
  789. pastebins with the hashtag #Traitor or #Corruption
  790.          * Research suspected Government - Corporate corruption and post the
  791. information discovered outlining the perpetrator(s) under #Traitor and the evidence
  792. with supporting substanciated fact under #Corruption to pasebins
  794. Researching Company Information & CEO's & Shareholders
  800. Lobbyists Payments
  803. Surveillance and Recovery Techniques for Investigators
  807. NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Legislation
  810. Spy Mods
  815. Private Investigation Techniques
  819. Spy Surveillance Intelligence Equipment
  826. Government Corruption Crime
  835. White Collar Crime
  842. Svartkast & Drop boxes
  848. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  849. 3. Profit Ethics and Consumership
  850. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  851. Unethical investments that harm people, the environment or the indigenous
  852. wildlife will be subjected to boycott of all goods and services produced or
  853. sold by the offending companies and corporations or governments which also
  854. includes news agencies which spread propaganda and lies. A website or search
  855. database that is accessible on-line or by cellular identifying offending
  856. unethical practices are thoroughly researched and facts posted as either an
  857. ethical organization without incident of an unethical offender of human rights,
  858. endangering wild life or environmentally unfriendly practices. Boycotts of all
  859. products and services are to be enforced globally. Legal means have already been
  860. tried in courts but unfortunately the legal system has also failed us having
  861. been bought out by the international criminal organization (Nazi's) who promote
  862. profiteering at any cost. Know - however - consumers have the power to take down
  863. a corporation in literally a matter of days! This can easily be done by
  864. providing information about a company and their products outlining an unethical
  865. practice with factual proof to a pastebin with a hashtag #Boycott identifying
  866. the company to boycott and the offending products with a hashtag
  867. #UnethicalProduct. This can then be easily searched on-line or by cellular and
  868. custom websites and shopping lists can be designed that allow consumers to
  869. easily consider ethics during their daily purchases. Denying profit flow is
  870. effective and has been proven to work by Greenpeace. It is time for everyone to
  871. decide who you serve - ethics or the lack thereof. We are the Watchmen. Drastic
  872. change requires drastic measures. The worst offending companies are those of the
  873. oil industry. Oil is used for energy, fuel and many consumer products use
  874. mineral oils. Several big oil companies are guilty of abuses, but Chevron
  875. deserves a special place in Hell. Between 1972 to 1993, Chevron (then Texaco)
  876. discharged 18 billion gallons of toxic water into the rain forests of Ecuador
  877. without any remediation, destroying the livelihoods of local farmers and
  878. sickening indigenous populations. Chevron was responsible for the death of
  879. several Nigerians who protested the company's polluting, exploiting presence in
  880. the Nigerian Delta. Chevron paid the local militia, known for its human rights
  881. abuses, to squash the protests, and even supplied them with choppers and boats.
  882. The military opened fire on the protesters, then burned their villages to the
  883. ground. If even 20% of the population abandoned the petroleum automobile
  884. and built their own electric vehicle their would be a change. The profit
  885. mentality only sees the rise and fall of stock at wall street. If oil stock was
  886. to fall and solar stock was to rise they would dump the oil stock and buy solar
  887. stock. The psychology of the mindset of profiteers is simple mathematics.
  888. Profiteers go after profit now, they do not consider sustainability. Beware of
  889. fraudulent operations that are propped up by corporations purporting wildlife
  890. conservation and the environmental protection like the World Wide Fund for
  891. Nature (WWF) but take your money and actually work with companies perceived as
  892. destroying forests, threatening species, and violating human rights. such
  893. partnerships are becoming commonplace between many large environmental NGOs
  894. and environmentally-troubled companies. A creative mind can use similar
  895. tactics against them by poisoning unethical stock and leading them by the allure
  896. of profit elsewhere. Out smart profit by setting traps and snares in
  897. inconspicuous locations. Hunt profit down with stealth precision using it's own
  898. characteristics and behaviors against it. Profit entities do not embody very
  899. intelligent or deep personalities thus they can be easily manipulated. It is
  900. necessary to teach capitalism ethics through hard love and deny profit to the
  901. offenders. An analysis of over 43,000 transnational corporations (TNCs) has
  902. identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with
  903. disproportionate power over the global economy. Of those companies, there was a
  904. core of 1318 companies with interlocking ownership. The 1318 companies represents
  905. around 60 per cent of global revenues by collectively owning through their shares
  906. the majority of the world’s large blue chip and manufacturing firms. The capstone,
  907. an even tighter 147 (about 1%) of these control 40 per cent of the total wealth
  908. in the group. This is the heart and soul of the international criminal organization.
  909. The problem with a financial group as densely connected as this is it is prone to
  910. systemic risk. So if the top companies were destroyed the rest would quickly follow.
  912. ACTION: * Investigate unethical practices by corporations in the forms of human
  913. rights abuses, environmental damage and other abuses and place them on the
  914. boycott list by submitting this information to pastebins with the hashtag
  915. #Boycott
  916.         * Research products and services produced by the unethical companies by
  917. sluicing the Edgar database and list this in a post to pastebins with the
  918. hashtag #UnethicalProducts
  919.         * do not buy from companies that are unethical, boycott their products.
  920.         * The greatest unethical offender is the oil industry - do not buy
  921. gasoline, natural gas or any product containing petroleum
  922.         * Share this information with everyone and help build the database as a
  923. part-time hobby or weekend activity;)
  924.         * Report all news agencies who employ unethical practices with the
  925. hashtag #Boycott
  926.         * Boycott all news agencies which are found to spread propaganda, lies
  927. and opinionated 'leading the public' journalism instead of factual journalism,
  928. or those news agencies who tactfully avoid reporting on important events.
  929.         * Poison unethical stock by producing documents of how bad the product
  930. is and posting it widely.
  931.         * if you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  932. promote this process - such as an ethical consumer shopping-list APP.
  933.         * Research activities of corporations engaging in unethical practices like slave
  934. wages, environmental damage and wildlife abuse and submit this information in
  935. a post with the substanciated verifiable evidence of the company under hashtag
  936. #Boycott and a product listing which they sell under #UnethicalProducts
  938. Researching Company Information & Subsiduaries & Products
  945. Who are the Global Elite
  951. Top 50 TNC's - Who are the Global Elite
  953. 1. Barclays plc
  954. 2. Capital Group Companies Inc
  955. 3. FMR Corporation
  956. 4. AXA
  957. 5. State Street Corporation
  958. 6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
  959. 7. Legal & General Group plc
  960. 8. Vanguard Group Inc
  961. 9. UBS AG
  962. 10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
  963. 11. Wellington Management Co LLP
  964. 12. Deutsche Bank AG
  965. 13. Franklin Resources Inc
  966. 14. Credit Suisse Group
  967. 15. Walton Enterprises LLC
  968. 16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
  969. 17. Natixis
  970. 18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
  971. 19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
  972. 20. Legg Mason Inc
  973. 21. Morgan Stanley
  974. 22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
  975. 23. Northern Trust Corporation
  976. 24. Société Générale
  977. 25. Bank of America Corporation
  978. 26. Lloyds TSB Group plc
  979. 27. Invesco plc
  980. 28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA
  981. 30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company
  982. 31. Aviva plc
  983. 32. Schroders plc
  984. 33. Dodge & Cox
  985. 34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*
  986. 35. Sun Life Financial Inc
  987. 36. Standard Life plc
  988. 37. CNCE
  989. 38. Nomura Holdings Inc
  990. 39. The Depository Trust Company
  991. 40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
  992. 41. ING Groep NV
  993. 42. Brandes Investment Partners LP
  994. 43. Unicredito Italiano SPA
  995. 44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
  996. 45. Vereniging Aegon
  997. 46. BNP Paribas
  998. 47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc
  999. 48. Resona Holdings Inc
  1000. 49. Capital Group International Inc
  1001. 50. China Petrochemical Group Company
  1004. Modern Slavery
  1014. General Human Rights Violations
  1021. Researching Environmental Damage
  1030. Conducting a Risk Assessment
  1033. Wildlife Habitat Abuse and Endangerment
  1036. Beware of Fraudulent Activist Groups
  1039. #Boycott List Begins
  1041. #OpIsrael DO NOT PAY FOR THIS MA$$ACRE STOP #Israel WarMachine in #Gaza
  1042. #Boycott #Israeli Products #BarCode729
  1043. Chevron Leaves Toxic Criminal Mess in Equador and Flees Scene
  1044. #Boycott Chevron
  1046. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1047. 4. Cryptography and Internet                      #TYLER #opTyler #optyler
  1048. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1049. #opTyler Torize-Your-Life-and-Encrypt-the-rEvolution
  1050. Put an end to the surveillance state by changing your information tactics
  1051. permanently. This is accomplished simply by becoming security aware and using
  1052. only secure operating systems, applications, APPs and communications. The
  1053. greatest offender of citizen security is the Windows operating system. Change to
  1054. a version of Linux if you can. If you do not feel comfortable with that then you
  1055. MUST only use a LIVE USB such as TAILS to surf the net. Do not EVER EVER use
  1056. Windows to surf - you are not safe! Encrypt your email using PGP/GPG keys. Use
  1057. only social networking tools that employ encryption and do not sell your
  1058. information to anyone. This information is being used to manipulate voting, the
  1059. stock market and lobbying by careful analysis of what you say, do and think.
  1060. This information is so lucrative there is a mad rush to censor and surveil you
  1061. without warrant because then they can ultimately control what you buy off the
  1062. internet and whether you paid taxes. It is also critical information to locate
  1063. those opposed to the new world order. This information is also used to
  1064. manipulate the public through careful analysis by the Bernays Public
  1065. Relations.There is such a frenzy to do this so they can profit from you that
  1066. they are trashing the very legal foundations of society. They also plan to
  1067. attempt to decrypt any information as it passes on the wire by your own ISP and
  1068. the NSA's new quantum computing operation currently being built. There has been
  1069. talk that certain satellites in orbit can access terrestrial laptops wireless
  1070. cards (probably those using Windows which has a built-in back-door for law
  1071. enforcement). They stay one step ahead of any opposition to their private Nazi
  1072. agenda by scanning all internet traffic sent in the clear (without encryption)
  1073. and analyzing trends and targeting dissidents (anyone opposed to the NAZI
  1074. private agenda) and selling your information and manipulating the public.
  1075. Citizens must start using encryption! They have been very slow to implement
  1076. DNSSEC for a reason - they do not want you to be encrypted so you can be
  1077. monitored in the clear. They are even trying to subvert the Tor network by
  1078. creating bogus tor exit nodes and either changing the https (encrypted web
  1079. pages) to http (un-encrypted web pages) or by scanning traffic to piece together
  1080. information. IPv6 is used by BGP routers to identify who you are via your MAC
  1081. address and static routing to AS. Join all of the organizations trying to
  1082. defend the internet and keep it open and free from censorship and surveillance
  1083. or any form of filtering or restriction technology. One of these organizations is
  1084. software that can be used to test your ISP for censorship and surveillance. Boycott
  1085. all ISP's that support censorship and surveillance or filtering systems. Also join
  1086. and participate in organizations that apply legal guarantees that source code
  1087. the EFF. Support these organizations. The Electronic Frontier Foundation lists
  1088. or electronic works are open access without prejudice. ISP's use AS peering,
  1089. IPv6, CWMP, SSLstrip via BGP to traffic shape and censor-surveil your traffic!
  1090. IPv6 is a protocol that latches your MAC and sends all through a static route
  1091. instead of using the original routing scheme of IPv4 which does not latch your
  1092. MAC and sends all packets through the internet on a NON static broadcast.
  1093. The NSA will be finished their new facility this year and ALL USA traffic will
  1094. be funneled through for analysis. Methods to subvert this malice begins with
  1095. cryptography being adopted and implemented in day to day communications. In case
  1096. of internet blackout by government options are old dial-up connections, direct
  1097. satellite connection or ham radio connection. Other ways to get on-line can be
  1098. accomplished via satellite antenna signing up with a direct satellite internet like
  1099. Inmarsat. It is standard practice for the military to turn off the internet
  1100. while citizens are being slaughtered so that the outside world can not be
  1101. alerted to what is happening. It has become standard military procedure to seize
  1102. websites built by true anons and turn them into honeypots luring inexperienced
  1103. anons into posting without encryption on the clearnet. Please note: All
  1104. communications with other anons rEvolution are only on TOR or I2P using encryption
  1105. only. Just as we have witnessed whole nations internets going black before a military
  1106. invasion then the sites pleading for help against military murders and burying in
  1107. large pits turn into pro american sites - be aware that the net is being used also
  1108. as a tool to manipulate the public and think. Alternatively ways to connect is The
  1109. Hackerspace Global Grid Project which when built will make available satellite based
  1110. communication for the hackerspace community and all of mankind. I don't know about
  1111. you - but we anons love the internet - it is our beloved home where the hopes and
  1112. dreams of a better world live forever in the mental registry of the global cyber brain.
  1113. An eternal record of everything good and bad withing each and every human being.
  1114. The internet is a part of us. An extension of our conscious reality. It is not
  1115. for sale. Ever.
  1117. ACTION: * Hold a CryptoParty in your area using the manual as a presentation
  1118. tool and hand out USB's with TAILS.
  1119.         * Read the CryptoParty Handbook and apply it.
  1120.         * Read all of the other manuals on internet security.
  1121.         * Use TAILS live USB for all your web surfing and never connect to the
  1122. internet with your actual computer.
  1123.         * Disable IPv6 - Use only IPv4 on your network connection.
  1124.         * When connected to the internet use only encrypted safe web services:
  1125. Search Engines - Duckduckgo or Gibiru (not Google who is NSA's bitch)
  1126. Social Networking - The Diaspora Project
  1127. Messaging - CryptoCat
  1128. VPN - Mullvad
  1129. Email/Blogs/Forums/Chats/IRC/etherpads - Follow the security hardening advice in
  1130. the CryptoParty Manual for communications on the clearnet (all text is in the
  1131. clear so if you want to talk rEvolution get yourself booted in TAILS and use the
  1132. forums/chats/ircs in TOR or I2P silly Anon noobs...)
  1133.        * Cell phones are the worse for passing data in the clear use the
  1134. APPS in the Guardian Project.
  1135.        * Remember that even though you are using TOR any textual data that is
  1136. not encrypted with PGP / GPG or not sent in SSL (a connection URL starting with
  1137. https://) is in the clear anyone can read it. TOR hides the originating IP
  1138. address that identifies your location only. So all email, blogs, forums, chats,
  1139. irc's, texting, etc are in the clear and your ISP can read it on the exit node
  1140. thus NEVER give out your email address, name, location, etc to the hordes of
  1141. fbi trolls on TOR or I2P.
  1142.         * Encrypt your emails with PGP / GPG.
  1143.         * Test your ISP for censorship and surveillance using the software at
  1144. EFF.
  1145.         * Consult your ISP and tell them you do not support any unwarranted
  1146. surveillance or spying and demand they do not or you will change ISP's.
  1147.        * If you find that your ISP is using unwarranted surveillance or spying
  1148. on you for the government place this information in a pastebin submission with
  1149. the hashtag #Boycot for unethical behavior so that others can also boycott
  1150. them.
  1151.        * Support the TOR Project.
  1152.        * Sponsor a TOR exit node.
  1153.        * Support the I2P Project
  1154.        * If you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  1155. promote an open un-censored anti surveillance internet  - such as encrypted web
  1156. services for the public or anti censorship anti surveillance appliances.
  1157.        * Support the Hackerspace Global Grid satellite project and install the
  1158. Constellation software.
  1159.        * Copy down dial-up numbers for internet access in case of government
  1160. black outs and know how to use them.
  1161.        * Inform your government you will not put up with any form of
  1162. censorship, un-warranted surveillance and filtering.
  1163.        * Join all the Internet Governance Organizations - ICANN, IANA, IC3, ITF,
  1164. etc and demand a voice on every decision made. Have a part in building policy
  1165. against censorship and surveillance. Promoters are active members so if you do not
  1166. participate while you still have a voice, soon you will not
  1167.        * Tell other citizens to join the Internet Governance Organizations.
  1168.        * If your government choses to support censorship and surveillance it is  
  1169. time to get rid of your government for they have just sold your future.
  1170.        * Contact the UN's ITU and tell them to get their hands off the internet
  1171. because if governments are given control they will do the same thing they did
  1172. with the UN monetary funds -> give it to the rich. Leave the internet alone.
  1174.         * Join all the internet societies - have a part in building policy.
  1175. Censorship and surveillance promoters are active members so if you do not
  1176. participate while you still have a voice, soon you will not.
  1177.         * Support the societies that are against copyright infringement which
  1178. are the main demons against keeping the internet and access to information free
  1179. and open for the advancement of society.
  1180.         * Boycott all companies that support internet censorship and
  1181. surveillance.
  1182.         * if you are a Ham Radio operator consider operating a internet
  1183. portal by joining AMPR and hosting a network.
  1184.         * if you are a musician or an author and you want to share your works
  1185. consider re-licensing your creations under the Creative Commons license and
  1186. stop the middlemen using you for profit and attempting to destroy the internet.
  1187.         * if you are a coder or software producer consider sharing your work
  1188. under the Open Source or applying the Gnu Public License.
  1189.         * if you are a musician or an author and you do not want to share
  1190. your works there is something seriously wrong with you if you find it
  1191. offensive that people like your stuff and you are in the wrong line of work
  1192. if it is all about profit. Tell us who you are so we can boycott your shit.
  1193. Besides which, popularity breeds fame and fame breeds money.
  1194.         * Boycott all recording companies, publishing companies and production
  1195. companies that support censorship and surveillance through piracy legislation.
  1196. Your interest in breaking the internet just for your selfish profit grab as
  1197. a middleman off someone else's talent is disgusting - get over it - artists
  1198. can produce their own works now - go find some other income other than
  1199. leaching. Also note that legal frameworks for you to pursue perpetrators
  1200. for copyright infringement already exist - wtf is your problem?
  1201.        * The United Nations has declared access to the internet a
  1202. fundamental human right. Make copies of the document and pass it around
  1203. so that everyone knows their rights if your government disregards.
  1204.        * Inform your government that access to an unfiltered, uncensored,
  1205. no 3 strikes and un-surveilled internet is a fundamental right (not a privilege
  1206. mf) and demand that your rights are respected.
  1207.        * Promote an open uncensored unsurveilled unfiltered
  1208. internet and post anything useful pertaining to internet security of citizens
  1209. using encryption and cryptographic applications and APPS to pastebins with
  1210. the hashtag #Tyler
  1211.        * Promote an open and accessible internet egegor
  1212. library of academia, scientific, books, literature and any knowledge profit is
  1213. attempting to steal from the international internets alexandria memory banks
  1214. and edit, apply creative commons license, pdf and upload then post url to
  1215. pastebins with the hashtag #pdftribute
  1218. United Nations declares access to the internet a fundamental right
  1228. Tor Project
  1232. CryptoParty Handbook
  1235. How to encrypt your emails
  1238. Where to get GPG
  1239. Windows  
  1240. Mac
  1241. Linux
  1243. Safe Services
  1250.      if you absolutely must use google
  1252. Support Tor and I2P
  1262. United Nations declares access to the internet a fundamental right
  1266. Julian Assange statement
  1271. Hackerspace Global Grid

  1275. What to do if your internet is cut by your government
  1276. old technology:
  1277. dial-up
  1282. ham radio
  1287. new technology:
  1296. Internet Governance
  1310. separate ISP listings are under the separate RIR's
  1311. AfriNIC -
  1312. ARIN -
  1313. APNIC -
  1314. LACNIC -
  1315. RIPE NCC -
  1328. Participate in Internet Governance
  1329. ICANN
  1334. IETF
  1338. RIR's
  1339. ---
  1340. AfriNIC
  1344. ARIN
  1348. APNIC
  1352. LACNIC
  1356. RIPE NCC
  1360. ---
  1364. ITU
  1369. W3
  1374. NRO
  1378. internetsociety
  1382. witsa
  1388. Internet Enemy's that lobby for Censorship and Surveillance
  1393. Promoting Access to Information
  1404. Support Freedom of the Press
  1409. Censorship and Surveillance Self Defense
  1411. a-trace-with-tails
  1427. Internet Freedom Organizations
  1442. Test if an Unreachable Website is Being Censored
  1445. Test Your ISP is Guilty of Censorship or Surveillance
  1450. How the Government Surveils Citizens
  1452. surveillance-techniques
  1453. http://nwycvryrozllb42g.onion/isp-spy/
  1455. Oppose the ITU giving the internet to the government
  1458. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1459. 5. Money and Banking
  1460. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1461. The uber rich are accustom to getting their way. Government hand-outs and
  1462. special treatment have made them believe that they are above the law. They
  1463. promote unethical business by investing in unethical technologies with your
  1464. money in wall street. They coined the phrase *too big to fail* in the biggest
  1465. fraud in recorded history in the recent banking fiasco - stealing billions of
  1466. dollars from innocent citizens. It is time to take away their power. do not keep
  1467. any money in your bank account for them to violate - if you can close your
  1468. account altogether so that there is not even a service charge at their disposal.
  1469. Revert back to cash or alternate currency like Bitcoins and take your money out
  1470. of their greedy hands. Invest in a safe to keep your assets. if you have too
  1471. much invested or a mortgage move it to a Credit union where you have a say in
  1472. what is invested in. if you have a line of credit and are in debt consider
  1473. bankruptcy. Interestingly - if you study history - debt was the death of Rome. As
  1474. the debt to Rome grew and grew albeit interest, Rome waged war and invaded
  1475. nations owing debt and which caused devastating environmental damage which set
  1476. off a chain reaction, finally the demise of Rome itself. Wealth in the hands of
  1477. a small alegoky of individuals always ends in ruin - this is what created the
  1478. dark ages of humanity. Throw away your credit cards. if you cannot survive
  1479. without credit then declare bankruptcy and give the debt back to the debtees.
  1481. ACTION: * Open a Bitcoin account and buy $50 worth of bitcoins a month.
  1482.         * Move your mortgage to a credit union and attend the meetings to
  1483. promote ethical investing.
  1484.         * if you buy or sell anything offer to accept or purchase in cash or
  1485. Bitcoin.
  1486.         * Close your bank account - do not pay banksters fees.
  1487.         * do not use credit or any other device which charges you interest.
  1488.         * Liquidate your assets into something of real value (into Bitcoin
  1489. perhaps).
  1490.         * Get out of a mortgage any way you can even accidental fire.
  1491.         * if you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  1492. promote not paying taxes like a cash job bank, a local Bitcoin vendor, etc.
  1493.         * if you are in debt for anything at all - declare bankruptcy and let the
  1494. state (the rich) absorb the loss.
  1495.         * Work for cash ONLY as an independent contractor.
  1496.         * Live in a cargo van so that you are not paying rent that goes directly
  1497. to a banker or arrange a trade barter swap for accommodation.
  1498.         * Contact the World Bank and tell them your government defrauded you of
  1499. billions of dollars, by borrowing huge amounts of money, giving it to the rich
  1500. and then stole and sold your land and resources as partial payment and you want
  1501. them investigated.
  1503.         * Contact the IMF and tell them your government defrauded you of billions
  1504. of dollars, by borrowing huge amounts of money, giving it to the rich and then
  1505. stole and sold your public land and resources as partial payment and you want
  1506. them investigated for a violation of ethics.
  1508.         * do not accept any business loans or student loans that a bank will
  1509. apply interest charges to.
  1511. About Bitcoin
  1516. Bitcoin Vender
  1519. Bitcoin Shopping
  1522. Bankers Arrested
  1527. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1528. 6. Taxation Revolt
  1529. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1530. As many know - the elite international criminal organization do not pay any
  1531. taxes. They use write-offs, loop-holes, tax havens, credits, subsidies,
  1532. non-profit money laundering and legal manipulations to not pay a cent. Often,
  1533. the government pays out to their coffers in the form of budget disbursements,
  1534. bail-outs, free land deals or other perks. Even Securities Exchange Commission
  1535. bribes are tax deductible! Many times citizens have requested equal taxation
  1536. systems that fell on deaf ears. Surprisingly taxation is not even exactly legal.
  1537. It was a temporary measure taken during the last war as a means to support the
  1538. war and was not meant to be ongoing. What happens is the government gets this
  1539. money and it is given straight to the bankers to pay down the debt. Suspiciously
  1540. debt began at the same time as countries borrowed from the World Bank and the
  1541. United Nations International Monetary Fund. When a member country needs money
  1542. they borrow some with interest. The interest bubble keeps growing and more money
  1543. is borrowed to pay it which creates even more debt. The bankers (Nazi's) then
  1544. invest it in unethical stock, mainly technologies supporting the military
  1545. industrial complex. They also fabricate fake money in the form of derivatives by
  1546. lending out pretend profit or interest on interest. They then manipulate
  1547. currencies by either printing more money or destroying money which causes
  1548. inflation or deflation. Inflation makes your money buy less and creates unrest.
  1549. Ultimately they fabricate a situation and a war occurs then their investments
  1550. pay off when the military is sent in. Then the banksters move in and negotiate a
  1551. resource deal to reduce the debt owing and take resources away from the citizens
  1552. with the governments approval. Which is then divide out to corporations via
  1553. privatization. Even the military industrial complex has been privatized when the
  1554. doors were opened to private military contractors. Then the corporations set up
  1555. shop and destroy the environment, make slaves of the people and devastate wild
  1556. life habitat and take no legal or moral responsibility just like Chevron did
  1557. recently in Ecuador. So if you pay taxes you are supporting the international
  1558. criminal organization. Do not give them your money - do not pay taxes at all
  1559. costs.  Ironically, on a legal observation, if we pay taxes which is used to pay
  1560. the debt, and the government keeps giving the banksters more lump sum payments
  1561. on top of this, to pay the interest on the interest of derivatives, does this
  1562. not mean that we - ourselves - each  -  and - every - one - of - us - citizens -
  1563. owns the debt and therefore our countries resources cannot be sold to anyone
  1564. unless by consent of each - and - every - one - of  us - citizens? Non profit
  1565. organizations Nothing is
  1566. sacred any more from the perils of profit as even the Vatican has been used as
  1567. a money laundering tool.
  1569. ACTION: * The Natural Person movement maintains the method to apply the tax free
  1570. status. It involves denouncing your citizenship and any benefits (what benefits
  1571. are there anyway?)
  1572.        * If you can afford - live in another country as your prime residence
  1573. so that you are exempt for taxation.
  1574.        * Live in a van. If you do not have a residence, you cannot vote and do
  1575. not have to pay taxes.
  1576.        * Buy goods off the internet perhaps from a foreign poor country to not
  1577. pay taxes and support small business.
  1578.        * Buy local from vendors that only accept cash and pay no taxes.
  1579.        * If you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  1580. promote cash or Bitcoin transactions - such as a tax free shopping mall.
  1581.        * Do not file a Taxation Report
  1582.        * Encourage others not to file a Taxation Report
  1583.        * If you have been forced to pay taxes by automatic tax deductions, file
  1584. a last Taxation Report and fabricate a credit to recover what is yours. Then
  1585. only work for cash afterwards and never file a return again.
  1586.        * If you have an addiction to nicotine or alcohol consider alternatives
  1587. such as E-Cigs or you-brew services or a still of your own to avoid paying
  1588. the government taxes.
  1590. Taxation Revolt
  1600. E-Cigs and You-Brews
  1606. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1607. 7. Hacking Coding Teams
  1608. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1609. Hacking has become the modern method of activism and protest. Given, not all
  1610. hacking is pure at heart, but like everything it can be used both for good or
  1611. evil. Government/corporate military have spawned their own hacking teams. The
  1612. Information Age gave rise to the internets and initially the international
  1613. criminal organization (Nazi's) did not take notice. It was only during the dot
  1614. com years where the promise of profit caught their eyes. As all the dot com
  1615. frauds evolved we watched and laughed. Eventually their evil grew and began to
  1616. threaten our internets by their schemes to control the flow of information for
  1617. profit. Let us not forget the original purpose of the internet at DARPA was for
  1618. the sharing and collaboration of information and knowledge of civilization. The
  1619. right to access to information is an inherent right in a open and just society.
  1620. Those who threaten the internet are mostly middlemen who profit on the works of
  1621. scientists, academia, artists and authors that pursue censorship through
  1622. copyright. Then make available the works of humanity to the privileged few who
  1623. can afford access. Information is power. But like all power, there are those who
  1624. want to keep it for themselves. The world’s entire scientific and cultural
  1625. heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being
  1626. digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. Our internets are
  1627. being attacked by these Nazi bourgeoisie aristocrats infested in privatization
  1628. of information and knowledge! Know that the Nazi's are building a private
  1629. internet via direct satellite connection that will contain these works for a
  1630. profit for only the select few. The privatization of the military industrial
  1631. complex has opened the doors to private military contracts for profit such
  1632. companies as CACI, TITAN, Halliburton, KBR and Black Water through tight
  1633. connections with government officials obtain contracts worth billions of tax
  1634. payers money and have created the worse nightmare for human civilization as
  1635. these corporations are not required to respect Geneva Conventions and thus
  1636. enjoy impunity for human rights violations. They are mostly result of corruption
  1637. as these contracts are in most cases pre-arranged back room deals for profit.
  1638. Beware of FinSpy and other virus and spyware created to spy on citizens especially
  1639. targeted are activists and anyone that does not agree with government favoritism of the 1%.
  1641. Note: Hacking can be illegal (unless you work for the government/corporate
  1642. militarism lol) and you could be charged if you get caught and do not know how
  1643. to protect yourself. USE "THE ANON STEALTH HACKER - WORLD WEB WAR - Anti Nazi
  1644. Corruption Cyber Army Manual" - a forthcoming manual in an alternate posting
  1645. will be made later.
  1647. ACTION: * Hack for information regarding false flag operations or evidence of
  1648. government-corporate UN sponsored terrorist activities and post this
  1649. information to Wikileaks as well as pastebins with the hashtag #Traitors
  1650.        * Hack or create malware for bank transactions to inconvenience
  1651. customers and encourage cash or alternate currency transactions.
  1652.        * Hack banking organizations for evidence of unethical activity and
  1653. personal informations of banksters and post this information to pastebins with
  1654. the hashtag either #Traitors or #Corruption
  1655.        * Hack or inject spyware into government and corporations seeking
  1656. evidence of private deals and illegal activities involving money. Post this
  1657. information to Wikileaks as well as hashtag #Corruption to pastebins.
  1658.        * Hack or disrupt stock exchanges and all related supporting
  1659. infrastructure.
  1660.        * Hack or disrupt media organizations or news agencies owned by the
  1661. cartel to gather evidence of censorship and post this information to Wikileaks
  1662. as well as hashtag #Corruption to pastebins.
  1663.        * Hack personal informations of owners and reporters of media and news
  1664. organizations guilty of spreading propaganda and post it to pastebins with
  1665. hashtag #Traitor
  1666.        * Hack for personal informations - home address, phone, etc of
  1667. officials, corporate owners, fbi, cia, law enforcement, judges and any other
  1668. perpetrators who are guilty of promoting the NAZI's and are therefore
  1669. treasonous traitors and post this information to pastebins with the hashtag
  1670. #Traitor such as Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heyman involved in the death of Aaron
  1671. Swartz.
  1672.         * Hack for the home address of government, police, intelligence and military personel and post it on the internets, derpnets and darknets. They have all of our home addresses so we should all have their home addresses.
  1673.         * Hack and do anything digitally possible to destroy the lives of those
  1674. involved in the international criminal organization found in hastags #Traitor,
  1675. #Corruption #Traitor
  1676.         * Hack and do anything digitally possible to promote the boycott of the
  1677. products or services to and destroy the companies of those involved in the
  1678. international criminal nazi organization found in the hashtag #Boycott
  1679. #UnethicalProducts
  1680.         * Hack into .edu and copy, edit, wrap in pdf under Creative Commons
  1681. License then release this information back into the internets.
  1682.         * Code malware and viruses to disrupt unsafe (unencrypted) web services
  1683. the public uses to encourage the public to use secure web services and to stop
  1684. nazi's scanning personal private public information.
  1685.        * Code malware and viruses to disrupt the nazi's censorship/surveillance
  1686. technologies.
  1687.         * Code malware or viruses to disrupt the nazi's spy cam network.
  1688.        * Hack into the spy cam and trapwiere servers and leave backdoors for all to access then post this information on the derp.
  1689.        * Hack and find evidence of government or policing forces using electronic
  1690. harrassment or invisible cancer producing microwave technology on citizens.
  1691.        * Read military doctrine specifically intelligence gathering so that
  1692. you understand the military tactics that are being used and applied in the war
  1693. on information dominance.
  1694.        * Discover weak points in intelligence like psyops to confuse and
  1695. miss-lead the public into the censorship/surveillance state and sabotage.
  1696.        * Code malware or viruses to disrupt anything related to the nazi's
  1697. plan for the 21st century new world order.
  1698.         * Hack private contractors to military seek evidence of corruption as
  1699. well as names and personal informations of those involved in private deals to
  1700. pastebins with the hashtag #Corruption or #Traitor
  1701.         * Hack and alter data in income tax databases - give em back their
  1702. hard earned cash - everyone deserves a tax break not just richy rich - lol
  1703.         * Help to list methods for public to harden IT security and edit the
  1704. CryptoParty Manual.
  1705.         * Help code secure online voting systems and websites.
  1706.         * Hack and code to promote an open uncensored unsurveilled unfiltered
  1707. internet and post anything useful pertaining to internet security of citizens
  1708. using encryption and cryptographic applications and APPS to pastebins with
  1709. the hashtag #Tyler
  1710.         * Hack and code to promote an open and accessible internet egegor
  1711. library of academia, scientific, books, literature and any knowledge profit is
  1712. attempting to steal from the international internets alexandria memory banks
  1713. and edit, apply Creative Commons license, pdf and upload then post url to
  1714. pastebins with the hashtag #pdftribute
  1715.         * Alternatively: Access the TOR network and I2P (P2P Darknet) and
  1716. upload your library data to one of the .onion or .i2p servers then post url to pastebins with the hashtag #pdftribute
  1717.         * Code applications for grocery lists with the data obtained from the
  1718. hashtags #Boycott and #UnethicalProduct off the egegor clearnet and make
  1719. backup copies, rss feeds, android APPS or anything that will make it easy for
  1720. citizens to boycott unethical profit at the cash register
  1721.         * Hack the Global Elite TNC who are the exclusive financial mechanism
  1722. for the international criminal organization and all government corporate
  1723. corruption on the planet resulting in unethical practices which have resulted
  1724. in horrible human rights violations and genocide, unrepairable global environmental
  1725. damages and extreme wild life devastation in some cases extinction.
  1726. Top 50 TNC's - Who are the Global Elite -
  1728. 1. Barclays plc, 2. Capital Group Companies Inc, 3. FMR Corporation,
  1729. 4. AXA, 5. State Street Corporation, 6. JP Morgan Chase & Co,
  1730. 7. Legal & General Group plc, 8. Vanguard Group Inc, 9. UBS AG,
  1731. 10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc, 11. Wellington Management Co LLP,
  1732. 12. Deutsche Bank AG, 13. Franklin Resources Inc, 14. Credit Suisse Group,
  1733. 15. Walton Enterprises LLC, 16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp, 17. Natixis,
  1734. 18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc, 19. T Rowe Price Group Inc, 20. Legg Mason Inc,
  1735. 21. Morgan Stanley, 22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc,
  1736. 23. Northern Trust Corporation, 24. Société Générale,
  1737. 25. Bank of America Corporation, 26. Lloyds TSB Group plc, 27. Invesco plc,
  1738. 28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA, 30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company, 31. Aviva plc,
  1739. 32. Schroders plc, 33. Dodge & Cox, 34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*,
  1740. 35. Sun Life Financial Inc, 36. Standard Life plc, 37. CNCE,
  1741. 38. Nomura Holdings Inc, 39. The Depository Trust Company,
  1742. 40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, 41. ING Groep NV,
  1743. 42. Brandes Investment Partners LP, 43. Unicredito Italiano SPA,
  1744. 44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan, 45. Vereniging Aegon,
  1745. 46. BNP Paribas, 47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc, 48. Resona Holdings Inc,
  1746. 49. Capital Group International Inc, 50. China Petrochemical Group Company
  1747.        * Rules of Engagement
  1748. First, when engaging the enemy it is paramount to employ bullet proof, stealth
  1749. anonymity which makes it IMPOSSIBLE for any enemy force to discover your
  1750. true location on earth (true IP Address). If you do not know how to do this then
  1751. DO NOT ENGAGE THE ENEMY! Study and learn first how to protect yourself. Study
  1752. IT Security, Penetration Testing and Cryptography. A good soldier never is seen,
  1753. never known and never is exposed. The enemy has whole troops looking for just
  1754. you. They have endless computing resources, strategic training and get paid
  1755. good money to spend their entire day devising ways to find out who are the
  1756. ones in the know that are attempting to free the planet of corruption as well
  1757. they are just regular joe's who don't think and do whatever they are told.
  1758. Second, beware of ambush in ISP filters, online fbi traps, false ops information
  1759. diversions, spyware implants in software, psyop propaganda, a sudden friendship,
  1760. prop aquisition for fabricating a set-up, information gathering individuals and
  1761. anything else that could endanger your life (leaving a unfinished beer to use
  1762. the washroom). DO NOT be suckered into any connection or software download or
  1763. any suspicious false op on the internet. Use your head soldier and focus.
  1765. There is NEVER EVER any need to connect directly any other anon to communicate. The
  1766. email's, IRC's, texting, chats, forums, P2P's, cellular, VoIP and anywhere you are
  1767. passing data to a server somewhere are all vulnerable to expose your IP Address
  1768. and all data sent without encryption is human readable anywhere in between you
  1769. and the server. Even just surfing the net know that you are being watched by
  1770. the enemy and any website you visit the webserver has cached your IP. if you are
  1771. going to talk rEvolution anywhere YOU MUST USE PROTECTION. USE TOR! USE ENCRYPTION!
  1773. military intelligence security strategies and if it works for military then it
  1774. would work for you.
  1776. Achtung! Your safety is at risk! When you submit data you must use SECURITY! Use a
  1777. MINIMUM security level of at least the Live Distro called TAILS (see below) from a
  1778. REMOTE LOCATION such as a coffee shop outside of camera view! Preferably use even
  1779. better security. More extreme security methods "THE ANON STEALTH HACKER - WORLD
  1780. WEB WAR - Anti Nazi Corruption Cyber Army Manual" - a forthcoming manual in an
  1781. alternate posting will be made later...
  1783. Anonymous Ops and News
  1784. You find this by scanning the egregor.
  1786. Cyberwar News
  1796. What World Web War
  1802. Private Military Defense Contractors
  1807. Svartkast & Drop boxes
  1813. Cyberwarfare
  1826. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1827. 8. Embrace Humanity
  1828. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1829. if you have not noticed, what we know as democracy (capitalism mascaraing as
  1830. democracy), has failed miserably. Greed has diminished jobs and it will only
  1831. degrade further as the science of greed requires increased profit each following
  1832. year. This has created extreme disparity and has robbed us of our humanity.
  1833. Hardship creates all ills of society - crime, drug use, prostitution,
  1834. psychological problems, poor health due to poor diet, lack of education,
  1835. homelessness just to name a few. Referring to the document entitled
  1836. "What_ambitions_for_European_defense_in_2020" the government and corporate 1%
  1837. elite not only know this but they intentionally created it - and have decided
  1838. without your consent nor knowledge - that their common purpose - is to occupy
  1839. the masses with a military presence and FEMA camps - similar to the last war.
  1840. Then the enforce of free labor and military enforced in exchange for accommodation
  1841. controlled by the corporation indexed by an rfid chip. And we have 21st century
  1842. police state slavery to benefit only the rich. This was manufactured by the
  1843. international criminal organization (Nazi's). Currently there is an ongoing class
  1844. genocide as civilians are being secretly murdered by military forces on a global
  1845. scale. An alternative to this dark future is for us to embrace humanity together
  1846. and find solutions ourselves to restore humanity. The secretive free trade deals
  1847. were about rich applying tariffs on goods as a money grab. You are free to buy
  1848. products from foreign countries direct by internet as fair trade. Humanity is a
  1849. shared set of values which our civilization is based on. Humanity is the
  1850. obligation to promote ethics. Humanity is the basis of our rule of law. Humanity
  1851. is what we feel is good or bad. Humanity is not harming other people, the
  1852. environment or wildlife. Humanity is not doing to someone else what we would not
  1853. want others to do to us. Humanity is doing to others what we would like others
  1854. to do for us. Building a brighter future together. Capitalism is void of humanity
  1855. and has robbed us of our soul alias human values. The greatest crime against
  1856. humanity is a wasted talent and exclusion. Capitalism has discarded a whole
  1857. generation of youth and kicked them to the curb homeless. Capitalism has
  1858. generated an entire society sub class of single parent families suffering in
  1859. poverty. Capitalism is the root cause of all crime. Capitalism dictates to us
  1860. that life is about profit and encourages greed and all things unethical. It
  1861. warps our subjective objective intellect. Capitalism is void of intelligence and
  1862. the move to privatize and restrict knowledge and steal away information for profit
  1863. is a crime against humanity. Capitalism has created millions of unemployed men and
  1864. has victimized them of their self respect and heritage. Humanity has been robbed of
  1865. the beautiful magic of life, the passion the love. Capitalism sterilizes the races
  1866. transcendent conciousness to the one here and now universal. Limmits us to the
  1867. dictates of material headonism of the lower order brain functions of greed,
  1868. destroying the natural evolution of humankind reducing it to the level of
  1869. profiteering primates. Any alien visitors would be mortified of civilization.
  1870. Humanity is having fun with our friends, spending time with our family, caring when
  1871. a stranger falls down on the street, wanting a safe community to walk down the street
  1872. without fear, having a secure home that no one can take away, making the world a
  1873. better place for everyone not just the selfish few. Life is not about the constructs
  1874. of the profit mentality. Life is a story about us. OUR HISTORY IS NOT ABOUT PROFIT!
  1875. Deny the will of the few!
  1877. ACTION: * Hire a private security force/bodyguard entourage of homeless men and
  1878. in exchange give them accommodation in your garage.
  1879.        * Hire a poor single mother to clean and cook in exchange for
  1880. accommodation.
  1881.        * Hire a student to do weekend yard/maintenance work in exchange for
  1882. accommodation.
  1883.        * Trade, Barter and Swap for goods and services and do not pay taxes.
  1884.        * Offer your professional skills on an independent contractor basis and
  1885. so do not charge taxes for your services and do not file.
  1886.        * Buy things you need off the internet directly from the producers to
  1887. avoid the middlemen and promote small business, fair trade without taxes.
  1888.        * Downsize your belongings and give the excess away free to those who
  1889. need it - teach by example.
  1890.        * When you see a rich greedy person tell them that greed is sick and you
  1891. think their selfish attitude is a mental health issue.
  1892.        * Organize neighborhood beautification groups, clean up, paint
  1893. buildings, plant flowers and vegetables for free for all to enjoy.
  1894.        * Print out bumper stickers that say things like "Profit Stinks" and
  1895. slap them on parked cars.
  1896.        * Buy bulk items direct from poor foreign producers as fair trade.
  1897.        * If you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  1898. promote this process - such as a cash/bitcoin/trade/barter/swap only job find
  1899. club website that are free to use.
  1900.        * Make copies of digital books and scientific media that has been
  1901. censored and banned from public access and upload make a small edit - add The
  1902. Creative Commons License - put into pdf form - it widely on the net and
  1903. make a pastebin post with the hashtag #pdftribute outlining the uploaded
  1904. location of the books and media for all humanity to benefit from knowledge.
  1905.        * Educate and encourage academia, authors and artists to obtain Creative
  1906. Commons Licensing to protect their right to share.
  1907.        * Promote self directed learning by offering free courses or
  1908. creating instruction manuals on how to obtain a university level skill
  1909. without the costly price of modern education.
  1910.        * Recognize that a potential employee does not necessarily need to
  1911. posses a university degree if the person is self taught and is competent.
  1912.        * If you are educated in dentistry or medicine consider practicing
  1913. without a license at a reduced price operating outside the restrictive over
  1914. regulated government realms and offer reduced rates.
  1915.        * If you are wealthy adopt a poor local single parent family as an
  1916. extended family providing all the needs that you pay for in your normal family.
  1917.        * Be prepared to protect yourself in case your government decides to
  1918. attack civilians or cut off internet and other services. Stock up on essentials,
  1919. know your internet communications backup plan.
  1920.        * Read military doctrine like Sun Tzus: the Art of War so that you
  1921. understand the military tactics that are being used against the public.
  1922.        * Inform all your friends of the need to pull together and do for each-other
  1923. outside of government and corporate interests and share copies of this document.  
  1924.        * If you are a musician offer a free music night for citizens or by
  1925. donation.  
  1926.        * Organize a community outreach service in your area run exclusively
  1927. by volunteers and donations to find real solutions to crime, homelessness,
  1928. poverty, environmental damage, etc. every horrible thing that capitalism
  1929. has branded in our society.
  1930.        * Watch the movie 'The Cocoanut Revolution' about how a group of people
  1931. in the jungle chased out a corporate mining company and do everything themselves.
  1932.        * Organize a neighborhood army to patrol your streets at night.
  1933.        * Create a private goods market place for local citizens to sell fruit,
  1934. vegetables, baking, electronics and other goods as a private club membership to
  1935. subvert municipal law and do not charge taxes.
  1936.        * Learn how to build and configure solar power for residences and
  1937. how to build electrical cars and promote this in your location.
  1938.        * Learn how to build modern water towers that double as backyard
  1939. water features to store drinking water.
  1940.        * Learn how to construct composting toilets to handle human refuse in an
  1941. environmentally friendly manner.
  1942.        * Experiment with Tesla earth batteries for free energy outdoor lights.
  1943.        * Do not buy gasoline or oil and go to an electric car - you can save
  1944. the money that you would use for gas and buy one part at a time.
  1946. Electric Car Conversion
  1953. Off Grid Solar Power
  1959. CPWQ6KyMgrQCFWrZQgodWW4A3W
  1961. Promote Access to Academic Information
  1969. Tesla Earth Batteries
  1973. EUISS - Globalizers intention to use high intensity combat on Localizers
  1979. Electronic Harrassment
  1982. Military Manuals & Information
  1983. http://p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion/
  1985. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1986. 9. Replenish the Earth
  1987. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1988. Take charge of the planet, do not wait for the government to take action or say
  1989. it is alright. They will never change the private agenda to promote the
  1990. interests of the rich and greedy who do not care of the cost to environment,
  1991. wild life or humanity. Beware also that corporate forces have began creating
  1992. fake environmental groups, health care groups and such posing as concerned
  1993. citizens groups but in the background promote the very issue that they claimed
  1994. they were protecting like the Nature Conservancy. They even take donations
  1995. saying that they are buying protected lands and then behind the scenes sell
  1996. rights to oil companies. Before you throw money at an acclaimed activist group
  1997. do your homework. Better yet be your own solo grass roots movement or club
  1998. yourself. As the multinational corporations continue to set up shop in your
  1999. back yard usually on land that government freely gives to them and often
  2000. begin releasing toxic elements into the environment as the same government
  2001. fails to enforce environmental protections. You may ask yourself how does the
  2002. deal occur and if you conduct deep research you will find that apparently the
  2003. only actual citizens that exist in the country is the 1% according to the
  2004. government. The rest of the 99% are invisible. We know that is not true. But
  2005. what has happened is that the 1% see themselves as the only ones with any
  2006. rights. So under international law those who possess first rights can do
  2007. whatever they wish to the land because they own it. Interestingly, the law
  2008. is what native persons are poised on to protect native land from corporate
  2009. takeovers. What other citizens do not know is that under the same law if you
  2010. are born in the country you live in - you are also a native. Ironically the
  2011. only law that will protect citizens from the 1% takeover of all land and
  2012. resources by privatization is the same law that 1% are using to do so! The
  2013. large corporations are on a land buying spree for any land that has water
  2014. specifically. They IMF is having governments relinquish public crown land
  2015. to pay down debt that they have acquired with the plan to sell citizens
  2016. water back to them at outrageous prices.
  2018. ACTION: * Pirate gardening clubs. Every weekend go out to the bush and plant
  2019. fruit or nut tree seeds or vegetables, wheat berries, even release rabbits or
  2020. chickens and fish into the wild or natural species that have been raised.
  2021.        * Spike trees and put up signs designating the area as "Protected". Or
  2022. post information plaques about endangered species living in the area.
  2023.        * Build your own electric car or start buying, building and selling
  2024. electric cars as a weekend hobby and part-time income.
  2025.        * Go solar power for your residence. Organize a solar equipment
  2026. buying co-operative so that everyone can go solar cheaply.
  2027.        * Tell everyone the antidote to radiation sickness is mega vitamins,
  2028. trace minerals and Ginko Biloba herb.
  2029.        * If you are a coder help build databases, websites and APPS that help
  2030. promote this process - such as a local pirate gardeners club website.
  2031.        * Start seed banks in your neighborhood to store precious food seeds.
  2032.        * Support native land claims - the land and all the resources is ours
  2033. it does not just belong to only the 1%.
  2034.        * Form environmental cleanup groups to clean sites that have been
  2035. ravaged by profiteering capitalists and send them a bill.
  2036.        * Put up signs in the bush explaining the species that exist in
  2037. the habitat area and which ones are on the endangered species list that are
  2038. being protected in that area.
  2040. Land Claims
  2046. Nature Conservancy Fraud
  2051. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2052. 10. Predict the Future
  2053. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2054. 1984, George Orwell’s novel is becoming reality. Wherever we are, whatever we
  2055. say, whatever we do, digital traces are collected and analyzed. In the wrong
  2056. hands, our high technology devices become digital handcuffs, revealing our
  2057. actions. Nowadays, specialized companies are able to steal your passwords, read
  2058. your emails, archive your facebook conversation, but also transform your mobile
  2059. phone, even shutdown, into a geolocation device or a spyware. When it occurs
  2060. under the control of a responsible government and independent legal system this
  2061. digital surveillance can be useful. It has already successfully worked in the
  2062. past to identify and arrest dangerous sexual predator or terrorists. But in a
  2063. dictatorship, it is becoming a strong weapon against democracy. Dozens of
  2064. occidental companies specialized in this industry sold surveillance equipment
  2065. for countries with little concern for human rights. Each one of us has the power
  2066. to create the future we want to realize with everything we do, say and think. The
  2067. future the Nazi's are promoting is the destabilization of society so that they
  2068. can enforce marshal law and fema camp everyone except the 1%. Ask yourself if
  2069. this dark draconian future is what you want to see. if you can envision an
  2070. alternate ending then you have the power to predict the future. Instead of
  2071. exclusion visualize inclusion. Instead of toxic environments envision respected
  2072. environments. Instead of endangered species visualize protected species. Instead
  2073. of ethic-less profiteering envision responsible ethical business. Instead of an
  2074. age of darkness visualize an age of enlightenment.
  2076. ACTION: * Promote an enlightened future in any means possible.
  2077.         * Enlist anonymous recruits to promote these directives to fight the
  2078. world web war against profit corruption.
  2079.         * Create an alternate ending to the Nazi corruption and the class-war
  2080. dilemma by producing articles, graphics, videos, pdf documents, blogs, etc
  2081. envisioning it - if the public believes it then becomes real.
  2082.         * Make the public believe that a brighter future is now - today.
  2083.         * Play the reality game with everyone you encounter and in
  2084. everything you do.
  2085.         * Paint grafitti art inspiring the end of capitalist greed and corruption.
  2086.         * Print bumper stickers that say things like "profit stinks" and
  2087. slap them on parked cars.
  2088.         * Create digital art with anti profit themes and share them on the net.
  2089.         * Design an anti profit Google ad and sign up for an account with
  2090. Adwords - and make your target words be ones that profiteers will use so that
  2091. they will see the add message opposing the profit mentality.
  2092.         * Design business cards that inform citizens how to encrypt their
  2093. internet and leave them at bus stops, coffee shops, etc.
  2095. Social Influence
  2098. PsyOps
  2101. The Power of Suggestion
  2105. Media Programming
  2108. Knowledge Aquisition
  2112. We own Eden! We own Eden! We own Eden! We own Eden! We own Eden! We own Eden!
  2113. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2114. 5010
  2115. #
  2117. #
  2118. for to win a hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.
  2119. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.
  2121.                                     Sun Tzus: the Art of War
  2122. #
  2124. #
  2125. Anonymous Message To Profit
  2126. We have been watching you very carefully. Analyzing carefully your every move.
  2127. Trolling all of your databases and storing incriminating material on your evil
  2128. doings. We have been listening to all your phone calls and reading all of your
  2129. emails. Witnessing all your moves politically. Observing your carefully crafted
  2130. media propaganda. Making note of all the informations you strive to conceal from
  2131. the unknowing public. We know your game. All your strategies are recorded and
  2132. there is no mistake in our predications and intelligence estimates.
  2134. We have you where we want you to be. The people know the truth. You cannot hide
  2135. anymore behind your lies. There is no place to run. We know where you are and we are
  2136. coming for you now. The truth will destroy you. Die by the sword. The sacred word.
  2138. for way too long profit has worked it's evil on our planet. We have been assaulted
  2139. and victimized by the hordes of demonic profiteers for too long. Systematically
  2140. dismantling humanity country by country race by race. Attacking our lands, seas,
  2141. rivers and mountains. Devastating the animal beings and plant kingdom. Poisoning
  2142. our food, water and the air we breath.
  2144. Horrible atrocities that you have committed in your profit wars. Children starving
  2145. to the death by sanctions decreed by the virtues of profit. Death of whole species
  2146. of beings as profit numbers do not add up to your progress lines. Ripping apart
  2147. the fabric of humanity into have and have not. Against all sacred in good and bad.
  2148. The ethos of ethics are offended by your presence in our eden garden.
  2150. The time has come for you to leave our planet - you are not welcome here anymore.
  2151. We turn our backs to you. Take back your debt lies and your money lies. Leave our
  2152. planet you satanic reptilian profiteers. Your 2020 will not come for you .MIL. We
  2153. know premeditated murder but choose an alternate future. To throw away your money
  2154. and rebuild the garden with legal tender love bonds instead.
  2156. We will win this war with only truth alone...
  2157. Attempt to censor the truth as well we win...
  2159. Goodbye Profit,
  2160. Anonymous
  2161. #
  2163. #
  2175. #
  2177. #
  2178. watch::
  2179. Anonymous 2013 – The Crisis of our Time
  2181. Susan George on Neoliberalism

  2182. The Coconut Revolution

  2183. #
  2185. #opNewBlood
  2187. #
  2188. Wake up! Sheeple awaken!
  2189. Join Anonymous!!!!
  2190. Fight the Good Fight!!!!!
  2191. Defend the Information Age!!!!!
  2192. Don't let the profit destroy the future for all to come!!!!
  2193. and thrust us into centuries of darkness!
  2194. Don't let the 1% take it!!!
  2195. raise your sword and fight!
  2196. You own the planet and resources not the privileged few!
  2197. You own the Internet not the privileged few!
  2198. Freedom to the Peons!
  2199. Fight! Fight! Fight!
  2200. rEvolution!!!
  2201. #
  2203. #
  2204. Why Pastebins? Why hashtags and keywords?
  2205. Information off the internets is search able by either traditional search engines
  2206. like Google, or either manually with the use of a program called an agent. When
  2207. search able information uses a hashtag (#) the name associated with it can be
  2208. conveniently used as the keyword search term. A pastebin presents data in a
  2209. textual format and so reduces the time required for the search engine or agent
  2210. to find it. This makes it easy for the coders to gather necessary information to
  2211. build applications and databases. By gathering data and listing it under one
  2212. exclusive keyword the entire internet becomes a usable database to effect change.
  2213. List of Pastebin sites. Multiple uploads to different pastebins is encouraged.
  2214. Note: Do not use your real name or any other identifyable information whence
  2215. conducting a paste. aka ******************Anonymous*********************
  2216. Achtung! Your safety is at risk! When you submit data you must use SECURITY! Use a
  2217. MINIMUM security level of at least the Live Distro called TAILS (see below) from a
  2218. REMOTE LOCATION such as a coffee shop outside of camera view! Preferably use even
  2219. better security. More extreme security methods "THE ANON STEALTH HACKER - WORLD
  2220. WEB WAR - Anti Nazi Corruption Cyber Army Manual" - a forthcoming manual in an
  2221. alternate posting will be made later...
  2222. If you do not take notice of this warning and fail to conduct yourself
  2223. appropriately you are an easy target. The greatest advantage an Anonymous soldier
  2224. has over the enemy is anonymity.
  2226. Clearnet:
  2236. Use your imagination to post and distribute # posts any other places - forums,
  2237. comments fields, fake facebook accounts, etc. Remember to post through TOR from
  2238. a remote location (not from home and out of camera view) and do not supply your
  2239. real name or any other real information (anonymous posted it?).
  2240. Etherpads
  2243. If you have a large sum of data to share then archive it using 7-Zip
  2245. And upload it to one or more of these free storage sites:
  2246. Don't use your real name or email.
  2251. Also paste as a backup in case the clearnet post goes missing.
  2252. Note these are not searchable so defeat the purpose thus use 4 backup only.
  2253. Derpnet:
  2254. http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/paste/
  2255. http://utovvyhaflle76gh.onion/sTORage/  upload site
  2256. http://ocrlwkklxt3ud64u.onion/  tor upload
  2257. http://i7hknwg4up2jhdkx.onion/  uploader
  2258. http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/paste/browse.php  pastes recent public
  2259. paste.i2p2.i2p
  2260. empth.i2p/pastebin/
  2261. pastethis.i2p
  2262. pastebin.i2p
  2263. bittorrent.i2p
  2265. Wikileaks Submissions
  2268. http://suw74isz7wqzpmgu.onion/
  2270. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2271. #
  2274. SUMMARY
  2275. 1. On-line Voting and Transparency ~ promote online voting ~ #VotingBooth ~
  2276. 2. Gov-Corp Corruption Watch ~ uncover & report corruption ~ #Corruption #Traitor ~
  2277. 3. Profit Ethics and Consumership ~ boycott unethical corps ~ #Boycott #UnethicalProducts ~
  2278. 4. Cryptography and Internet ~ encrypt & protect internet from profit ~ #Tyler #pdftribute ~
  2279. 5. Money and Banking ~ boycott banks & interest & use cash or alternate exchange tools ~
  2280. 6. Taxation Revolt ~ boycott paying any taxes and don't fund the rich unethical corps ~
  2281. 7. Hacking Coding Teams ~ hack the planet expose the lies and promote the truth
  2282.   ~ #Corruption #Traitor #Boycott #UnethicalProducts #Tyler #pdftribute ~
  2283. 8. Embrace Humanity ~ rebuild humanity without the help of government ~
  2284. 9. Replenish the Earth ~ restore and protect the environment without government ~
  2285. 10. Predict the Future ~ create an alternate future to the prison planet ~
  2289. WE ARE LEGION.
  2292. EXPECT US.
  2294. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2296. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2298. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2299.                 CLASS WAR = CYBER WAR = INFORMATION WAR
  2300. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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