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Anonymous   Barf.
Anonymous   AHAHAH I LOVE ESCALATION. Regardless of the person the concept of betrayal is so juicy and invites trouble.
Anonymous   +1. The recognition of betrayal as an agent of drama is as old as drama itself. Over 9000 years old.
Anonymous   Jesus fucking christ I hate the idiotic douche bags that vote here. If Parmy Olson was writing something you agree with it would have +100 votes. Since it is something you don't agree with it is -5. Content is what should matter. Not message. Otherwise this site is everything that Kilgore and Backtrace say it is which is a echo chamber of sheep that can't think for themselves.

Anonymous   Just a follow up. The article provides details about who, when, where, why and how. The lawyer engaged on HBGary's part appears to be pretty fucking high speed. Smart people would take advantage of this; instead of voting down useful information, spread it.

Anonymous   You realize that the voting can be manipulated, and is essentially meaningless? Just sayin'...
Anonymous   The intention of the voting system was never solely to indicate quality of writing. It's just as much there to show a general consensus, and approval or disapproval of the news itself.
Anonymous   If your perception of what the hive mind is doing is making you angry, then that's your own problem and not ours.
Anonymous 2011-04-02 07:13:12
Calm down. This site is hardly a scientific indicator of anything.

Anonymous 2011-04-02 01:16:16

So ... HBGary feels the need to have an attorney with tremendous experience defending those charged with cracking and intrusion? Uhhh, HUGE FREAKIN' WIN?

Seriously, they've all gotta be wearing Depends(tm) due to unstoppable pants crapping.

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